Three Cheese Grilled Potatoes

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How long does it take you to cook a steak? Could you wait an extra five or ten minutes, if it meant you could also serve three cheese grilled potatoes? Think about it..a nice juicy steak, cooked to perfection and then you add the cheese grilled potatoes? This is a meat and potato meal your family will love. Did I mention that bacon and chives are also included? I mean really, 3 types of cheese, bacon and potatoes…could you possibly have an easier recipe for a dinner side.

This is a summer staple at my house but with a few subtle changes. I use onions instead of chives and while I do use bacon, I have also used left over roast beef or beef rib meat to flavor the potatoes. My family goes nuts every time I make these potatoes and yours will too.


Click on the link below for the recipe.

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