Provolone Cheese Italian Dip

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Looking for a new style dip to impress the game day crowd? POPSUGAR Food to the rescue. Everyone loves a sub sandwich with lots of cheese, but have you ever had it made into a cheese dip? This great looking intently cheese dip, wil thrill all the crowds with the inclusion of all these Italian flavors.


What if you took an epic party sub and transformed it into a bold, chunky dip? That is essentially what we’ve done here, melding classic Italian hoagie ingredients into a game-day-ready snack you’ll want to nosh on all party long. Try pairing provolone cheese italian dip with an ice-cold Smirnoff Ice for the perfect combination.


It is now so easy to serve one dip with many combinations. This Hoagie Dip recipe is simply eye-catching and tasty. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to make this dip.




Video source: POPSUGAR Food


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