Chicken Parm Mac and Cheese

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Not trying to give away any ages but how many of you were raised on the blue boxes of mac and cheese? Did you ever make chicken parm mac and cheese? This is a version of your favorite variety of blue box mac and cheese and chicken parmesan. All the familiar comfort of two dishes that you probably grew up eating.

Chicken Parm Mac and Cheese is also a great beginner recipe for college age kids because it only takes 6 ingredients and you can buy all of the ingredients pre-made. How much easier can it get?

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  1. @[1055528080:2048:Tanya Ricks Best] please make this❤️ I will love u forever if u make this!!

  2. @[1338660112:2048:Misty Shefski] @[592899384:2048:Elaine Watson] @[100000051430146:2048:Catherine Norman-Williams]

  3. Could life get any better than this?!??? @[102601394:2048:Alex Robinson] @[1216463539:2048:Justin T Lamontagne] @[1083480433:2048:Erin Casey Scott]

  4. @[709356857:2048:Miguel Ventus Quiroz] we have to on a Sa$#%&!@*ay cheat day!!!! yes or yessss!

  5. You can never go wrong with any dish with the combination of chicken parmesan and cheese. Cam eat it till I p$#%&!@* out with a silly grin on my face:-)

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