Cheddar Cheese Bacon and Onion Potato Cakes

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The best recipe I have found that takes care of leftover mashed potatoes. Cheddar Cheese Bacon and Onion Potato Cakes are a great way to make sure every scoop of those leftover mashed potatoes are used.  Barry C. Parsons of Rock Recipes. Leftovers are not a favorite around my house, but we all love these cheddar cheese potato cakes and very seldom are there any left!

Barry C. Parsons of Rock Recipes explains it best on the recipe:

The mashed potatoes get blended with some red onion, garlic and green onions as well as some crisp-cooked bacon and diced cheddar which melts to gooey pockets right inside the potato cake. They are then fried to a golden crispy exterior while retaining a creamy, delicious inside.

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  1. OMG…. never ever heard of such a thing… I feel like crying… something new to me…. 🙂

  2. Always make extra mashed potatoes just to make these! Tip to getting them to hold together better is when you mash potatoes, don’t add milk to make them creamy if you plan to make these cakes. Delicious !!

  3. I wanted the recipe, but I didn’t want to sign up for newsletters and another TOOL BAR…. and because I didn’t want that, I couldn’t get the recipe. So, keep it!

  4. I grew up with potato cakes My MOM made them offten , i make them every now and the they are great ,,,,,even plain

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